Friday, November 13, 2015

The book "The Significant Concepts of Cloud Computing: Technology, Architecture, Applications, and Security"

This book discusses about the main concepts of Cloud computing. It is an appropriate tutorial for ordinary and professional people to acquire some required information about Cloud technology. Chapter 1 introduces the overall and fundamental characteristic of Cloud systems such as Web services, Grid computing, and hardware virtualization. In Chapter 2, the architectures of Cloud computing including the deployment models and the service models defined for Cloud-based servers are described carefully. Chapter 3 explains various applications of Cloud computing in various applications such as file storage, Cloud database, and email. In Chapter 4, some popular consumer applications designed by Cloud-based systems such as Evernote, iCloud, and Spotify are represented completely. Chapter 5 discusses about the different usages of Cloud servers such Cloud monitoring, healthcare, and banking. In Chapter 6, the security issues of Cloud computing such as privacy, reliability, and compliance are presented carefully. Chapter 7 points out the famous simulation tools designed for Cloud-based issues such as CloudSim, Xen hypervisor, and UEC. Finally, Chapter 8 introduces some well-liked companies established for Cloud-based usages such as CloudLock, CloudMunch, and CloudPhysics.

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