Sunday, January 6, 2019

The paper "Behavior-Based Decision Making: A Tutorial"

The paper entitled "Behavior-Based Decision Making: A Tutorial" was published by International Journal of Dynamics and Control in December 2018. This paper proposes a novel, knowledge and learning based method called behavior-based decision making, BBDM, in control and system engineering. It is an expert decision support system containing the learning ability to work based on humanistic behavioral reasoning. The knowledge base is built by the system based on various behavioral styles (e.g., safe) associated to other systems and humans. BBDM uses the knowledge-based information to make appropriate decisions when any desired behavioral style is requested from the system. It specifies a success rate for any desired style based on the obtained knowledge base with the aid of a behavioral inference system. This procedure can be used to select a proper system or human to accomplish a requested job. All operations of the BBDM method are performed by a proposed behavioral decision system, called BDS, which consists of three main units: decomposition, behavioral inference, and composition. The decomposition unit splits any behavioral style into several optional features (e.g., safety). The behavioral aggregation sub-unit aggregates all behavioral styles obtained by the system to define the total behavior. The behavioral inference unit produces a success set for any desired behavioral style. Finally, the composition unit converts success set to success rate to specify the success probability of the desired style.

You can find more information about this paper via the link.

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